Blueteam AI

Secure and optimize foundation model operations

What is Blueteam AI

Blueteam AI provides managed API middleware for LLM apps

  • Easy to integrate, requiring only a few lines of code change
  • Easy to administrate, using a user-friendly web UI

Why Blueteam AI

Adopting Blueteam AI improves your

  • Observability - Track your prompts, latencies, and costs. Segment and visualize your data on custom dashboards.
  • Security - Prevent prompt injections and jailbreaks. Issue service tokens and control access.
  • Privacy - Detect and redact private information. Enforce DLP policies.
  • Reliability - Apply rate limits and semantic caching. Switch, load balance, and failover between multiple LLM vendors.

How Blueteam AI works

Blueteam AI is a proxy server for LLM application traffic, enabling you to record, inspect, and take action before data reaches external vendors.

We leverage the same technology proven by WhatsApp and Discord to ensure you get the best latencies and highest availability.